Why do tourists need to know about the nearest singtel prepaid distributor?

Why do tourists need to know about the nearest singtel prepaid distributor?

April 7, 2022 Off By Danielle Steel

It is wise for tourists to carry the local currency and map of the country they are traveling to for work or vacation. Apart from these, they should also arrange for a local SIM card supporting international calls. It is crucial to have such SIM cards to make local calls and talk to their friends and family in their home country. Hence, it cuts down half of the hassle involved in international travel. One of the top names from which one can get this SIM card is Singapore’s singtel prepaid distributor network.

SingTel cards

hi!SIM is the regular card SingTel offers to its domestic customers. The dedicated card for the tourists is called hi! Tourist. It comes with beneficial features for the customers. They offer multiple plans serving the needs of various groups of customers. One can pick the plan as per their stay duration, data requirements, number of calls, SMS limits, and more.

The plans are plenty, catering to the tourists traveling for various reasons like work, vacation, medical treatment, and more. Another bonus is that they offer to roaming services in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

SingTel for international students

Apart from tourists, the singtel prepaid distributor network in Singapore also looks after international students’ needs. Coming to a new country is challenging, but mobile technology brings students close to home. SingTel offers multiple plans such as SIM Only, XO Plus, MobileShare, CIS XO Plus, etc. So, students can choose the most profitable plan that meets their requirements.