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Does Every Private Educational School Need To Get An Edutrust Certification?

A quality control program for Singapore’s Private Education Institutions (PEIs) is called the EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust). It strives to identify private schools that can continuously uphold a high level of quality in the total delivery of educational services and make ongoing changes that result in favorable student results. If a private educational school meets the criteria for edutrust certification in its administration, offering educational services and financial stability, it gets the Edutrust Certificate.

All private educational institutes must be Edutrust certified?

Private educational institutions (PEI) that enroll students from outside the country must be Edutrust-certified even if the program is optional. This is done to satisfy one of the requirements the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority sets for issuing student passes.

Preconditions must be fulfilled before applying for the EduTrust Certification

Before applying for EduTrust accreditation, the PEI must have been registered with the ERF for at least 4 years. A previously obtained EduTrust accreditation shall be withdrawn immediately if the PEI’s registration is terminated or if it is not maintained for at least four years under the ERF.

The PEI must fully comply with the Fee Protection Scheme Service Providers authorized by CPE and protect the full course fee paid by all its students using the FPS. (PDF, 0.10MB) FPS insurance plans come in two forms: FPS Individual Insurance and FPS Group Insurance.

The Edutrust Certification Scheme is based on seven criteria. Each criterion is broken down into several sub-criteria and components, each including a statement outlining its needs. If a PEI fulfills all these, they can attain the Edutrust Certificate.

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