How is gravel substrate more beneficial for an aquarium?

How is gravel substrate more beneficial for an aquarium?

May 16, 2022 Off By Danielle Steel

So, now you’ve got all types of plants you wanted in your fish tank, and being a typical ichthyophile, now what you crave is aquarium gravel? Let me tell you something if gravel is the first thing that came out of your mouth instead of sand; you did great by your fish.

Gravel vs. Sand Substrate

Gravel substrate is heavy and solves the biggest problem of fish tanks many people face. The chances are that the filter gets clogged with sand grains because they are too light and can quickly go into the filter. Gravel, however, solves the problem. It is heavier and does not clog the filter because it stays on low levels only.

Sand substrate, however, works well if you have a bigger tank. The bigger the tank, the higher the filter will get placed. And if the filter is attached higher, there exists no chance in heaven that it will get clogged.

Benefits of Gravel substrate:

  • It does not clog the filter system and stays low on the bottom of the tank because of being heavy.
  • When cleaning the tank, it is a lot more convenient when the gravel is present.
  • The gravel is a porous material and allows the water to go through it, decreasing algae, bacterial or fungal growth.


Aquarium gravel is the better choice when it comes to considering sand substrate too. It is more beneficial. However, the sand substrate might do better in a bigger tank and adds a little more aesthetic to the tank. We have both options. You may choose as you please!