A Comprehensive Guidelines for Red Light Therapy

June 11, 2021 Off By Danielle Steel

Colour is all around us and it is a use of light. The reason that we see in colour is because all objects either absorb or reflect light at different wavelengths. In the first days of early Egypt, solariums with especially designed lenses and eyeglasses were constructed to split up the sun’s rays into different colours of the light spectrum. Fast forward a few thousand years into the 17th century. Modern day colour concept was born. Isaac Newton conducted prism experiments and demonstrated that light is quite a combination of colours from the visible light spectrum.

It was in this book that it had been initially suggested the use of colour could be used as a treatment for a number of ailments, including anxiety and sleep disorders. This was of great interest to me because was attempting to create a night light to aid with this exact problem in children. From the 1940’s the Russian researcher Krakow, conducted a series of experiments and demonstrated that light could influence the bodies functions. Main stream medication has been slow to embrace colour treatment, but in the region of S.A.D., it is extremely benefited.

As I did more research about what colour would be best to use in a night Light, I discovered Green and Violet appear to be the best. These colours appear to also assist with children who suffer from ADHD. Painting your children room one of those with red light therapy for weight loss can help them feel relaxed and calm. There’s also research that shows that being exposed to the colour red might assist a human body increase the production of red blood cells. So people that are anaemic might benefit. I would not give you all the colours and issues that they may or may not heal, but suffice it say, after I heard this information, registered for patents for a set of lights, one of which is available today with others to follow.

Aroma treatment was also from the hog boogie place for me. Once More, after Research, I discovered that it is been in existence for centuries. The practice apparently started in India and is still widely followed there now. Studies indicate that certain scents cause certain reactions inside our bodies. For men and women that are having difficulty sleeping, putting Lavender beneath your pillow or a Lavender spray into your area before going to bed can help.

You will see a treasure trove of study. Who knows? You may become a convert. This report is to provide information only.  It is not intended as medical advice. You should speak with your physician before trying any of these methods. For some, certain light or flashing lights may cause seizures. Some essential oils can cause allergic reactions that can have fatal consequences.