All You Need To Know About Storage Locker Singapore

All You Need To Know About Storage Locker Singapore

January 16, 2022 Off By Danielle Steel

The primary concern of these companies is the safe placement of the goods under them. These may provide space in lockers, boxes, rooms of different sizes, and out spaces as per your need. This facility comes as a great solution when the safety of goods is in danger in the case when full attention of tenant is towards any other major activity happening in his life.

Difference between Warehouse and Self-storage –

Here are the few points indicating the difference between the warehouses and self-storage points –

  • Self-storage unit is not responsible for the safety of customers’ goods in case of theft, robbery, or any other kind of damage caused to it. Their tenants are the ultimately responsible persons for the safety of their goods whereas the warehouse take full responsibility for the goods of its client.
  • Keys and locks are in the custody of customers in case of self-storage, while in warehouse the lessee keeps the keys with him.
  • The employees of self-storage do not have any access to the goods kept in safe custody at storage spaces while the employees have full access to the goods even if in the absence of tenant.

Some storage locker Singapore provide sale services of supplying boxes, containers, bags, locks and packaging materials for letting their tenants make use of these materials for safely storage of their goods.

Singapore city in Asia every type of storage facility as per the climatic conditions required for the goods, size, budget and other preferences of the clients.